Attaining your goals

Defining Priorities & Time Management –
Context Driven & Result Oriented Actions

This training provides a positive, active and hands-on foundation to use goal-setting and planning on a day-to-day basis. Providing a groundwork for functional, constructive use of prioritizing, geared towards improving conduct and communication. It helps raise mutual understanding and support and prevent burn-outs within the team.

Marc HinderickxAs a systems engineer, I have never been enthusiastic about non-technical training. I had the opportunity to participate in a course by Annemarie and I have to revise my opinion about it now. With her skills, she managed to motivate us during training.
And we often speak again of this good time.

Marc Hinderickx – System Engineer at Network Appliance Belgium


After this training:

  • you will have a clear understanding of priorities and planning, the choices you face on a daily basis and how to handle them
  • you will know how to develop from demand based handling to more pro-active, context driven actions and result oriented communication
  • you will have gained many insights on addressing each other, while respecting your colleagues’ wishes and your own agenda



Based on the pre-work and the personal challenges that you bring to the training, we assess what is important and what is urgent and establish what is the difference between them.
During the day you learn from the best practices within the team – focusing on results and co-creation. To practice that, we use group challenges that are designed to explore co-operation, communication and trust, while taking responsibility for yourself and (the relationship with) your colleagues.

MC 2016 AK training 3436 web

For whom

teams or colleagues who face heavy work loads and demanding targets

By whom

Annemarie Koppenaal

Group size

at least 6, maximum 15 participants

1 day

Sid van WijkI gained valuable insights into the whole sales process and communication between teams within our organization. Annemarie invited us to share our views on the priority and planning themes – this amounted to great alignment within the team, as well as sharing tips and tricks. The STAR approach will be a nice way to inform colleagues when to involve you in a project or sales cycle. The content and the way it was approached, made it personal to all attendees.
Sid van Wijk – System Engineer at NetApp

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